high performance leadership program


A unique program designed and developed by the Marine Hotel Association in collaboration with Florida International University & the University of Plymouth to meet the needs of management in today’s fast-paced cruise industry.
More than ever, today’s emerging leaders in the Cruise Industry are faced with numerous and diverse challenges that make demands on their time, expertise, energies and productivity … and are expected to respond effectively and lead their people through these challenges.
Maximizing leadership capabilities begins with having an understanding of one’s unique leadership strengths and opportunities. Once participants are aware of what to do, it is important to strengthen their skills and apply this knowledge for maximum results.
This program is geared towards the unique needs of leaders in the Cruise Industry. We begin the program by identifying each leader’s personalized strengths, with a concentration on individual leadership styles, enabling individuals to broaden their leadership approach for optimal results. Workshops will take place in a collaborative, highly interactive environment using case studies and participants’ own work-place experiences to allow individuals the opportunity to explore situations, techniques and solutions in real-world scenarios.
Participants will gain strategies for leading through change and building effective teams. Specific tools for effective planning; time-management; problem solving; conflict resolution; communications; training and performance management will be learned, equipping Cruise Line Professionals with the necessary leadership capabilities to tackle challenges they meet in today’s Cruise Sector.

5-day Agenda and see photos of activity day
held at Skern Lodge in Appledore, North Devon


Contact MHA offices for full details on participation:
(415) 332-1903 | mha@mhaweb.org