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Founded in 1985, The Marine Hotel Association is a not-for-profit international professional organization representing the cruise line industry and its supporting supplier community. It is the only trade association of its kind that is fully targeted at the marine hotel operations segment of the cruise industry.
Whether your area of expertise is purchasing or hotel operations, MHA and, in particular, the annual conference and trade show, offer an outstanding opportunity to establish a network of industry associates.
From the supplier’s perspective it’s a real opportunity to find a way through the maze of the cruise industry more quickly than could be accomplished on a solo basis. Understanding who’s who; what is the decision making process; what are the specific needs of a cruise line and, ultimately, what can help generate the sale of a product or service.
Dedicated to a “by and for the industry” philosophy, the Marine Hotel Association’s continuing effort is to promote good communication at all levels, with particular emphasis on healthy dialogue and competition, which in turn produces an ongoing improvement of the cruising experience.
In further support of this objective, the Marine Hotel Association has made a commitment to professional development and growth by providing annual scholarships to the employees of its member cruise lines. As the single most important activity for MHA, it is the culmination of all efforts and the most worthy re-channeling of our revenue — back to the industry as a direct benefit.
This expanded educational mission has become the focus of MHA and is our investment in the future of the cruise industry and the future of its employees.
What is being part of MHA all about? Simply, professional development and growth – whether through the annual convention or continuing education programs — and these are the very forces that will guarantee the future success of the cruise industry.


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