Exhibitor Terms and Guidelines

1. Payment. All booths must be prepaid in full. Payment is due upon date of invoicing. Should payment not be received in a timely way, booth space will be subject to cancellation and reassignment. MHA reserves the right to assign, designate or change any booth location.

2. Exhibitor Service Kit. MHA’s official trade show contractor will provide all drayage services required by exhibitors. All freight arrangements and requests for additional booth materials will be handled directly by the contractor. Charges for additional materials and/or services are the responsibility of the exhibiting company. Charges will apply to any independent delivery of booth materials where the use of contractor services and/or equipment are required.

An Exhibitor Service Kit detailing booth set up/tear down, additional services and materials available will be sent to the designated company representative of all confirmed/paid exhibitors.

Kits will be transmitted electronically approximately 45 days prior to the convention.

3. Set-Up. Thursday, March 27, 2024, 10am-5pm. All booths must be ready for final inspection by show management at 10am Monday, March 3. Each booth must have a company representative in the booth at the time of final inspection.

4. Tear Down. begins on Saturdayt, March 29 after 2:00pm. NO COMPANY MAY DISMANTLE THEIR BOOTH PRIOR TO 2:00pm.

5. Services such as food preparation, glassware/servingware, water, or ice, etc., will be provided by the hotel and charged directly to the exhibitor. A form will be provided as part of the Exhibitor Service Kit.

6. Food & Beverage Preparation and Serving. Exhibitors doing food preparation and/or serving any beverage are required to have carpet protection placed in booth.

7. Outside Demonstrations. Display or demonstra­tion items outside the exhibit area or scheduling of private functions, cocktail parties, special events, etc. during the period of the move-in, show days or ­move-out, will be allowed only with the express written permission of MHA. Models hired for booths may not walk the aisles of the show representing or promoting a company product. No canvassing, advertising, ­display or demonstration items will be permitted ­outside the company’s own exhibit area. No materials or signs shall be pasted, nailed or tacked to drapes or walls of the exhibit hall.

8. Cancellation Fee. Booth cancellation fees will be assessed as follows: 90 days-50% refund; 60 days-25% refund; 45 days-no refund. All cancellations must be in writing.
(Refunds on canceled space may be subject to any credit card fees incurred by MHA)

9. MHA reserves the right to refuse exhibit privileges to any company.

10. Participation Fee. Based upon occupancy by the exhibitor. If a company wishes to share exhibit space it must obtain permission from MHA. There will be an additional charge of $250 for each ­additional exhibitor sharing the same space (maximum of two companies per booth). This extra fee provides for the insertion of the exhibitor’s name in the official conference program and a separate exhibit sign. Checks for the exhibit fee should be payable to MHA/Exhibits.

11. Exhibitor’s Responsibility. A representative must be present in booth at all times during the regular hours of the trade show. Any participating exhibitor(s), agent(s) or employee(s) may not enter another exhibitor’s booth space without permission. Exhibitors shall abide by and observe all laws, rules and regulations of federal, state, and city ­governments as well as the ­convention facility. All ­decorations, electrical wiring and fixtures must ­conform to regulations.

12. Uncontrollable Eventualities. Reasonable ­precaution against damages or loss by fire, water, theft and other emergencies will be taken, but MHA does not guarantee or insure the exhibitor against loss by reason thereof. In case the premises to be used by exhibitor shall be destroyed by fire, or by the ­elements, or by any other cause, or in case any other circumstances make it impossible for MHA to permit the said premises to be occupied by said exhibitor for use herein specified, then and thereupon, this ­agreement shall terminate and the said exhibitor shall waive any claim for ­damages and compensation. It is agreed that ­MHA reserves the right to retain such part of the payments made by exhibitors for booth space as would be necessary to cover all expenses incurred by MHA incidental to the opening of the show up to the time of any cancellation.

Note: Every effort will be made to accommodate one your preferred locations. We cannot guarantee availability at the time of registering and will assign the next best option should selections not be available.

Direct all inquiries to:
P.O. Box 1659, Sausalito, CA 94966
Phone: (415) 332-1903 / Fax: (415) 332-9457
Email: mha@mhaweb.org